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Return to the roots

Hello, old friends. It’s been a long time. Too long. Things have changed. Irina and I now live in different countries, but a Skype conversation reminded me of all the pure, raw, pleasure “talking fashion” gave us. I realized, also … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Hello darlings! It’s Easter and in my world that means spending time with family, eating traditional food and walking the dog until he’s finally had enough and just wants to lie in the grass. How about I just wish you … Continue reading

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Personal touches and 90s references

This one’s about personal style and how it matters more than what’s trendy. A lot more. I’ve been boasting all over our Ephemeral Media (tumblr, particularly) about my recent re-love of all things 90s, and how them slowly creeping back … Continue reading

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With Spring comes Inspiration

Spring and its considerably warmer, less depressing weather took its time coming this year, which could only numb us up well enough that we ended up so slow to keep our promises. But we do. And here we go, with … Continue reading

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Too much of a good thing… will make it feel like a bad thing.

You know how too much chocolate will make you sick? How an extra glass of wine makes you swear never to touch it again? Who knew that principle applies to fashion as well? …we did! Looking at the beautiful Elie Saab Couture … Continue reading

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Wearable, aka Elie Saab

If there is a designer out there that can be considered superfluously wearable, that’s Elie Saab. While his creations are undebatably pretty, we sometimes have to ask ourselves whether the commercial isn’t a bit too present. This season’s collection looks … Continue reading

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New Girls on the Block – 5

Are you curious about the past NGB’s (New Girls on the Block) ? Check them out – one, two, three, four. This week’s choice is another fast-rising star, a face I first noticed this season. Kristina Salinovic is from Croatia … Continue reading

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