Return to the roots

Hello, old friends.

It’s been a long time. Too long. Things have changed. Irina and I now live in different countries, but a Skype conversation reminded me of all the pure, raw, pleasure “talking fashion” gave us. I realized, also by reading Irina’s latest post, that this is something that defines me: returning to the roots. And how else would I return to the roots other than posting about one of my dearest designers, unapologetically pretty though his designs may be?

So here’s a peace offering/announcement of my return in form of my favourite look from Elie Saab’s Fall-Winter 2012 Collection.


With the same love,


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2 Responses to Return to the roots

  1. olenamiss says:

    good selection, I like it!

    which show FW12/13 was the most spectacular? leave your vote here

  2. Iri says:

    nice one dear!:-*

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