Original Audrey Hepburn Postcard

It is always good to start with the classics, whatever you do. This one inspired me a great deal, as it is the original.

PS: i have it from my grandmother!Image

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Return to the roots

Hello, old friends.

It’s been a long time. Too long. Things have changed. Irina and I now live in different countries, but a Skype conversation reminded me of all the pure, raw, pleasure “talking fashion” gave us. I realized, also by reading Irina’s latest post, that this is something that defines me: returning to the roots. And how else would I return to the roots other than posting about one of my dearest designers, unapologetically pretty though his designs may be?

So here’s a peace offering/announcement of my return in form of my favourite look from Elie Saab’s Fall-Winter 2012 Collection.


With the same love,


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Back to clarity

Needless to explain, unnecessary to go into depth, because this is after all, nothing but pure, beautiful simplicity. Indulge, admire and want. I know I want it.
Here it is: J. JS Lee

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Ci vuole coraggio

It takes courage to do anything really… so this post which is also one that is going to mark the start of many more to come after a long time, is for the celebration of courage.
Thank god for those who still have the will to act, to come up with all that is exciting and new and simply put it out there for everyone to see.

And because I owe it to myself and I want to start having courage I will dedicate the song below to a friend, who has been the last person with whom I have listened to it.


For the rest of you out there: fashion lovers or just courage supporters here is a courageous photograph by David Bailey, an extremely original fashion visionary


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Black and White Classics

Shalom Harlow for Giorgio Armani.
Wanna Talk PURE CLASS?

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Hip Hippie

This is Sasha Pivovarova for Free People Catalogue.

Some pictures are just what you’ve always imagned they would be. And these ones portray how i’ve always felt i should dress. Don’t you just love it?





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Happy Easter!

Hello darlings!

It’s Easter and in my world that means spending time with family, eating traditional food and walking the dog until he’s finally had enough and just wants to lie in the grass.

How about I just wish you a happy, stylish Easter (or simply a happy, stylish Sunday) instead of explaining and apologising about the hiatus?

I thought so.

Happy Easter!

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