Personal touches and 90s references

This one’s about personal style and how it matters more than what’s trendy. A lot more.

I’ve been boasting all over our Ephemeral Media (tumblr, particularly) about my recent re-love of all things 90s, and how them slowly creeping back into the limelight and finally getting the appreciation they deserve is grrreat! so seeing a friend in an outfit so 90s-ey in so many ways, it really made the day even sunnier.

Orange cargo pants are the bomb! And don’t even get me started on line-y sweater. Also, yes, that is green in his hair. And no, that cigarette isn’t lit. The shell necklace brings it all together, heh.

So grungy, non?

That pose though… funneh.

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1 Response to Personal touches and 90s references

  1. Buky says:

    Your friend is cute!
    Love his outfit, you never really see fashion on guys.

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