Too much of a good thing… will make it feel like a bad thing.

You know how too much chocolate will make you sick? How an extra glass of wine makes you swear never to touch it again? Who knew that principle applies to fashion as well?

…we did! Looking at the beautiful Elie Saab Couture show is like being slapped in the face with the cold hard truth.

Too much is too much.

The archives of this blog stand proof: Fashion Month leads to oversaturation. The last season was October. That was also when E.M. went on a months-long hiatus. This year, just before the first fashion week began, the excitement and enthusiasm hit sky-high levels (exhibit A) and while the number of pending collections to view grew, the number of posts… didn’t (exhibit lack of posting).

The point of this? Because it does have one.

The expression on Imogen’s face looks just about right on. Let’s call it Post Fashion Week Blues. Photo Marcel Castenmiller.

The point is that we’re not going anywhere. While we admit (Iri and I were discussing it today) that sometimes even we get fed up and want nothing to do with anything even remotely related to the fashion and beauty industry, it always comes back. And that, my friends, is what makes the difference between normal people and the fashion crazy.


We can’t be back, because we didn’t go anywhere. We were just taking our time.


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