Personal touches and 90s references

This one’s about personal style and how it matters more than what’s trendy. A lot more.

I’ve been boasting all over our Ephemeral Media (tumblr, particularly) about my recent re-love of all things 90s, and how them slowly creeping back into the limelight and finally getting the appreciation they deserve is grrreat! so seeing a friend in an outfit so 90s-ey in so many ways, it really made the day even sunnier.

Orange cargo pants are the bomb! And don’t even get me started on line-y sweater. Also, yes, that is green in his hair. And no, that cigarette isn’t lit. The shell necklace brings it all together, heh.

So grungy, non?

That pose though… funneh.

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With Spring comes Inspiration

Spring and its considerably warmer, less depressing weather took its time coming this year, which could only numb us up well enough that we ended up so slow to keep our promises.

But we do.

And here we go, with a streestyle post nonetheless! Breaks are an inspiring time, as this post and the next one shall prove.



Larger version so you can notice all the cool little details, like the all-the-way-up-buttoned shirt, bracelet, belt, oxford shoes and, yes, the Salvatore Ferragamo logo on the blazer’s button. Oh, if only we’d had the presence of mind to capture that up close!

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Too much of a good thing… will make it feel like a bad thing.

You know how too much chocolate will make you sick? How an extra glass of wine makes you swear never to touch it again? Who knew that principle applies to fashion as well?

…we did! Looking at the beautiful Elie Saab Couture show is like being slapped in the face with the cold hard truth.

Too much is too much.

The archives of this blog stand proof: Fashion Month leads to oversaturation. The last season was October. That was also when E.M. went on a months-long hiatus. This year, just before the first fashion week began, the excitement and enthusiasm hit sky-high levels (exhibit A) and while the number of pending collections to view grew, the number of posts… didn’t (exhibit lack of posting).

The point of this? Because it does have one.

The expression on Imogen’s face looks just about right on. Let’s call it Post Fashion Week Blues. Photo Marcel Castenmiller.

The point is that we’re not going anywhere. While we admit (Iri and I were discussing it today) that sometimes even we get fed up and want nothing to do with anything even remotely related to the fashion and beauty industry, it always comes back. And that, my friends, is what makes the difference between normal people and the fashion crazy.


We can’t be back, because we didn’t go anywhere. We were just taking our time.


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Spring and the young feel

Rock’n’Roll is in the air at Balmain s/s 2011 and it seems the ‘punky-edgy-fresh’ has taken the lead this season making its way slowly through the other up-and-coming trends this season.

A look back to the notorious rock’n’roll fashion times, Twiggy is a symbol of that ground breaking era.

Today’s models that keep a little of that punky spirit:

Erin Wasson-a girl that truly masters ‘the art’ of putting together such an outfit. Her beauty is captivating.

Carmen Kass-although a veteran in the fashion business, keeps changing at such  pace it leaves a mark on you-like this amazing new haircut! WOW!

As I have made matching a song with the posts into a habit, I shall leave you with the extremely talented Amy McDonald. Here’s Mr Rock&Roll

<Dad this is for you***>

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Wearable, aka Elie Saab

If there is a designer out there that can be considered superfluously wearable, that’s Elie Saab. While his creations are undebatably pretty, we sometimes have to ask ourselves whether the commercial isn’t a bit too present.

This season’s collection looks quite flawless and the designs are, as usual, delightfully feminine and asset-enhancing. However, flipping through the 49 looks, one has to either double-check for repeats or wonder if every outfit is being passed through several colours.

Form-fitting black pieces look made for business women, waist-accentuating jackets are sure to be desired, and Saab-esque sequins will certainly sell well.

I admit to being an avid fan of Elie Saab’s unapologetically ‘pretty’ designs. But feeling like I’ve seen several of the looks from this collection in his Haute Couture one, I have to say I’m slightly disappointed.

That said, there were also things that represented a bit of a break from the pattern, such as fancy demure coats, with straight, almost architectural lines. There were quite a few of office dress code type looks, which was great, albeit a tad repetitive.

You get the point (if you don’t, the full collection is on

We get it, Mr. Saab. You’re pretty damn good. It’s likely everything’s going to get scooped up. But I think you can expand your horizons.

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New Girls on the Block – 5

Are you curious about the past NGB’s (New Girls on the Block) ? Check them out – one, two, three, four.

This week’s choice is another fast-rising star, a face I first noticed this season.

Kristina Salinovic is from Croatia and has been working for many major names this season – gaining admiration with her androgynous charm, unique style and, why not, unusual haircut.


Haider Ackermann

Artistic act opening during Thierry Mugler


She also walked for Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Missoni, Vivienne Westwood and others.

We’re sure we’ll see her around.

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Biased view about…


Kenzo is my number 1, all time, all world favourite brand. Everything that is Kenzo – romantic, edgy, artistic, feminine, smart, soft, everything at the same time – that’s what I love.

That said, Fall-Winter 2011/2012 is no different in my book. Coordinates like dark colours, out-of-this world fabrics and edgy, scary-ish florals are what make this brand what it is, and what give it its loyal fans, myself included right there, in the front row (I wish physically too).

Just like Karl Lagerfeld is unlikely to ever receive a negative review in the remainder of his reign, I’m sure to never be able to say a bad thing about Antonio Marras’s work for Kenzo. There is just something about the way he uses color, cut, print and fabric (silk especially) that seems unfallible. It is, to put it simply, beautiful.

Fall-Winter collections are by habit a pill harder to swallow, because there are feelings that need conveying: darkness, cold, fog, fun stuff like that. It is remarkable, in Marras’s case, how he manages that, and makes it interesting as well.

For instance, the collection is infused with paisley, a print traditionally associated with summer and normally found elsewhere, not on dresses and skirts to be paired with fur, during winter.

Loose pants, floor-sweeping chiffon dresses, pure romanticism like in the above look reflected in heavy knit cardigans and sheer silk. It’s all heart-shudderingly sweet and dark at the same time (and thank god for the darkness, because it might have got too much).

Clearly, there’s a gothic air about the entire collection, reflected in colours and cut. There was also print mixing, such as the above paisley+plaid mix, which is fairly successful.

Lace, business suits, fur, leather, parkas, cardigans, coats – they’re all there. Just better, and different.

I suppose, in the end, it could be said that Antonio Marras has found the answer to the question of what boho looks like during the winter, hasn’t he?

Of course, we’re talking about real life boho for women with jobs and exciting lives that can afford to dress however they want.


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