Wearable, aka Elie Saab

If there is a designer out there that can be considered superfluously wearable, that’s Elie Saab. While his creations are undebatably pretty, we sometimes have to ask ourselves whether the commercial isn’t a bit too present.

This season’s collection looks quite flawless and the designs are, as usual, delightfully feminine and asset-enhancing. However, flipping through the 49 looks, one has to either double-check for repeats or wonder if every outfit is being passed through several colours.

Form-fitting black pieces look made for business women, waist-accentuating jackets are sure to be desired, and Saab-esque sequins will certainly sell well.

I admit to being an avid fan of Elie Saab’s unapologetically ‘pretty’ designs. But feeling like I’ve seen several of the looks from this collection in his Haute Couture one, I have to say I’m slightly disappointed.

That said, there were also things that represented a bit of a break from the pattern, such as fancy demure coats, with straight, almost architectural lines. There were quite a few of office dress code type looks, which was great, albeit a tad repetitive.

You get the point (if you don’t, the full collection is on Style.com).

We get it, Mr. Saab. You’re pretty damn good. It’s likely everything’s going to get scooped up. But I think you can expand your horizons.

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3 Responses to Wearable, aka Elie Saab

  1. Malina says:

    ook… mi-am gasit rochia de banchet… acum cum fac sa o am? :))

  2. spela says:

    amazing!love the col.
    you got nice blog!

    thanks for commenting on my blog

    come by again


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