The only celebrity designers that know what they’re doing*.

*because I still need time to adjust to Victoria Beckham as a designer, and Gwen Stephani’s LAMB disappointed after a strong SS2011.

Celebrities and fashion, fashion and celebrities. While I understand the immediate correlation between the two – a famous person is a sort of role model, therefore each gesture, including sartorial choices, is of importance – I also believe things are taken too far. Take the Oscars, for instance. It’s almost of no regard who got the awards – it’s the fashion! So says E! anyways, but I suppose it’s my fault for not changing the channel when the TV happens to be on in my presence.

But I ramble. It is often that I eat up my words, but I usually have favorable circumstances. In this case, the Olsen twins and their fashion line, The Row, are that exception. I suppose being in the lime light for so long, rubbing shoulders with, well, everybody, has served them well. Because the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen really know their fashion – be it cut, accessories or shoes.

They’ve even got a head start on what usually takes brands years – launching an outrageously expensive it-bag. Yup, all that and they’re what, 25?

Furthermore, the duo proved their avantgarde attitude by stuff such as the use of loafers – definitely a progressive move, considering they’re not exactly accessible aesthetically.

So we ask ourselves. Is The Row going to be one of the major trend setters 20 years from now? Is it going to be equivalent to houses with tradition? Is it going to be one ‘the’ shows?

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