Gucci, already?

Fashion month is flying by, darlings. It’s like yesterday I was praying for time to go faster so NYFW would start already and now, we’re more than half-way through.

So, Gucci.

This season, the Gucci woman is sexy, but mostly, empowered. To my mind, the woman the brand’s clothes are addressed to, the woman for whom the brand caters, is formidably powerful in her femininity. She wears silk and makes it look invincibly solid, she wears skirts without seeming fragile, and she is smoulderingly sexy though axiomatically classy.

But I already had this image in my mind, even without seeing the collection. Because Gucci (especially under Frida Giannini) is all that: sexy, strong, delightfully coloured clothing for super-women.

The palette is enchantingly winter-appropriate, with many shades of teal, turqouise and blue, plus the exciting additions of hot pink, burning red and mustard. Gray represents the neutral backsplash to some looks. The teal-violet combination, seen at L’Wren Scott as well, is truly bewitching and a sure emerging trend.

The looks send me in a variety of directions, very much the 70’s(hello hats, leather, wide-leg pants, big shades, general cool-and-sexi-ness) to the little bit of 90’s air (hello snakeskin, I never thought I’d be glad to see you) but it’s all good under the designer’s balancing baton: a piece may be leg-showing or see-through, but it will, in most cases, cover the chest completely, up until just under the chin.

The sobriety of large bows around the neck (normally associated with tight-bunned, thin-lipped governess types) don’t necessarily mean a dry outfit, through the added excitement of visibility provided by sheer fabric.

The evening section was beautiful, in no small part thanks to full-length slits, more sheer and silk, and, sometimes, a fair amount of cleavage. I could have done without the oversized, over-many flowers around the neck area, but I suppose it is the touch of sobriety to keep things balanced that was seen as needed. I expect we’ll be finding more sensible (as in more sell-able) versions on the racks.

In the end, high fashion is high fashion, and Gucci does it right every time. This season in particular, because it’s not every day a brand turns 90. Here’s to another 90, Gucci!


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2 Responses to Gucci, already?

  1. herCatwalk says:

    Great recap! I love the idea of fashion empowering and embracing femininity. My favorite is probably the mustard yellow-ish one shoulder top with the flowing black bottom.

  2. Alisha Ross says:

    I blogged about this collection as well, and I completely agree with everything you said about Gucci being about designing for the woman, which is great as every woman can feel powerful and sexy. However, I do find that this theme in the fashion industry is spreading, and instead fashion is more about style than innovation these days. Though I do completely love this collection.

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