New Trends – Healthy may be ‘in’ again.

Fashion is so many things. It sparks so many discussions: about photographers, muses and designers. About models. So much about models. Their looks, their figures, their lives, their style. Models have become, of late, a very big, very debated, part of the fashion industry. We went through the supermodel era of the late 80s and 90s, when they were nothing short of modern day goddesses. Then there was the anonymous time of the early 2000s, when uniformity was ‘all the rage’. And we’ve come to the present, when models are many and extremely different, and all of them loved by their own little(or not so little) public. We of course owe this to the Internet, but it is a different issue that I wanted to address in this post.

A matter that is discussed on forum boards, magazines and over coffee all of the time is how healthy (or unhealthy) the models appear.

For a season or two I have noticed a marked increase in the number of models that, rather than heroin-chic are… amazon-chic. We all noticed when Karmen Pedaru went from model to super model, but did we all realize it was perhaps due to the change in the way models’ bodies are seen?

Karmen for Ralph Lauren

Karlie Kloss for Michael Kors

Mirte Maas for Anna Sui

[I hesitated to post an Anna Sui runway picture, as I think her shows are always modeled by healthy-looking girls.]

Katlin Aas for Narciso Rodriguez

Arizona Muse for Narciso Rodriguez

This topic actually came up over drinks with my co-blogger and friends. Upon noticing it in several shows I deemed it, as a joke, as  ‘the invasion of the healthy models’ and brought it up later. We all wondered.

It remains debatable whether this is a true change or not, I know. First of all, it can be argued that the models I featured are established, and, like supermodels in the 90s can do anything they want. But then, I don’t think that’s the case for Katlin Aas, for instance. What is more, my search for these pictures was marked by subjectivity and by affective memory : I remembered specific looks from collections I enjoyed and specific model names that have stuck with me.

So is this observation conclusive? Or will it all be cleaned away as we move on to Europe, and things aren as easy-breezy as in New York, and we come to the really big ‘players’ in this game?

Has anyone else noticed it? Is it me finally getting used to fashion world standards or has it really become okay for there to be muscles on one’s arms and for knees not to be the thickest part of the leg?

A lot of questions, I know.


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