Marie Antoinette

A movie worth watching? Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. Featuring a surprising adaptation of present-day music to 18th century French protocol, the 2006 film is a joy all around.

Coppola’s work about the French monarch is an inspiration from a variety of points of view. The music, the colours (both of nature and garments), the setting (the excessive luxury of Versailles doesn’t seem too much) and the way the movie was shot make it a must for the fashion conscious.

Man, even the shoes tell a story!

One of the most inspiring parts of the film is the country retreat, during which the Queen and her friends wear delightfully simple clothes.

I need colour, colour is all I need. Didn’t I say that before?

A proof of the fashion world being influenced and inspired by Marie Antoinette, the person and the movie, is a Vogue cover featuring Kirsten Dunst as the French Queen.

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One Response to Marie Antoinette

  1. Alina A. says:

    Love this movie. Such amazing fashion.xx

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