Narciso Rodriguez has the right idea.

I though it was just me realizing I’ve lived during three different decades(whoa), but the 90s have seemed very appealing lately. Considering the minimalistic direction of ad campaigns and New York runways, it’s obvious I’m not the only one thinking that way.

It seems odd to say it, (I was rather young then) but the 90s were simpler times, and in a fast-moving world, minimalism and simplicity, but done the chic, cool way, are the way to go. It only makes sense that this time of missing twitter-less years would come.

Narciso Rodriguez had, then, the right idea in using just the one shape dress(sort of), but taking it through various experiments with color and fabric. Or simple-shaped coats and pants and everything in androgynous, clean lines. Color blocking went head to head (in a good way) with fabric blocking, and we had satin, cotton and wool.

There’s an on-going trend of the two-tone pants. You like? I’m leaning towards no.


I didn’t mean to do what I did in the Derek Lam review, but this is another case of a dress not being made justice by the picture. So check it out on video at 5:09. I thought it looked amazing, because it’s sort of a sneaky little dress, you think “Wow, that’s almost all sheer” and then you realize it’s actually got a strip of fabric that conceals pretty much everything. Epic design right there: a seemingly too daring, unwearable, impractical dress is actually sweet – and ah, proper.

Furthermore, did you think minimalism translates into lack of femininity? Not at all. As a romance&softness advocate, I was pleasantly impressed by Rodriguez’s take on it. By adding a sheer layer to some of his garments, and smartly playing with subtle colors, he managed to add just the right amount of sweetness to the collection.

The grand finale was a perfect conclusion to the collection, as it seemed to summarize what it was all about: simplicity, sophistication, color blocking, fabric mixing, sheer layers, and an oddly feminine androgyny.


Just one more point I wanted to make.

The shoes.

I commend Mr. Rodriguez’s quest to hold the fashion industry to its word of moving towards more reasonable shoes, but pointy-toed flat suede boots didn’t really come across as a comfortable and stylish choice.

Point and case:


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