Derek Lam

To my mind, New York Fashion Week is about simplicity and minimalism done the cool way. The New York way. It’s chic because it’s understated. Just the way it was when the book Portrait of a Lady was written. It is said in this novel that American girls were thought to dress simply, but charmingly.

Derek Lam’s Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection is a portrayal of just that. With clean, rather rigid lines and no-nonsense colors, it provides us with a sense of smart utility, because useful clothes are beautiful clothes too. They can and should be. By co-signing the week’s fur trend he simply proved his up-to-date-ness, but it must be said he added a twist to what we’ve seen on other runways.

And yes, the outerwear seems to be the high point of the collection, and admittedly it deserves that title what with the plethora of shapes, fabrics styles and cuts but there is so much more! Oh so much more.

Lam proved his proneness to smart design in the eveningwear section as well by sending out beautifully fluttering gowns that had the added twist of a vague accentuation of the waist, but, most of all, the cool girl sexiness of a leather bustier. The below picture does not do the dress justice, so check it out on video at the 5:08 mark.

The shoes! The shoes were mindful, reasonable, walkable, covetable, everything-able. With solid, thick heels and ‘stable’ construction, they are sure to be big next season. I vouch for thick heels from experience, they are easy to walk in and can even become comfy.

All in all, impressive and sure to be a best-seller. 

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2 Responses to Derek Lam

  1. Shin says:

    I agree! His collection was my favorite so far!! xxooxxo

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