No no, don’t worry, this isn’t about how today is Valentine’s day. I dislike the concept it has come to represent – which is “Buy your loved one something, and expect the price to be held as a vitally important factor in how much you love him/her.”

This is about how I got my act together today, inspired by what I think this day should represent.

I think that, while love should be celebrated every day, we can and should choose special days to make various small gestures that can go a long way.

So, after being the regular wimp that I am, on Friday, when some of my friends went to donate blood, I decided to kick myself into gear show the world some love and do it as well. And what better day than when the whole world (well, not really) is celebrating love? I decided to push through my fear of, well, almost everything, and get stung for a good cause.

I would lie if I said I didn’t enjoy the consequences too.

Blood donors here get a fairly symbollic reward, which I used to buy the overpriced(I get it, transport and other stuff) Vogue Italia. I paid almost double what it costs in Italy, but it was well worth it. It even has a Spring Summer 2011 Collections supplement, so that saves me a lot  – not going to buy Harper’s Bazaar Collections (the only publication of the kind in Romania) due to budget issues, tehe.

There was a pretty serious case of ‘the Oreos’ too, but I’m told that condition goes hand-in-hand with blood donations, ha.

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2 Responses to Celebration.

  1. Malina says:

    :)) i love your point of view of all this valentine’s day “situation”… didn’t know fashion magazines were so expensive in Romania… anyway, very nice article!

    • Ioana says:

      thank you!
      as for the magazines, it’s the foreign ones that are so pricey, Romanian editions are affordable, but oh so less desirable. perhaps because we want what we can’t have.

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