Freaky bags

Scanning the interweb can turn out into pretty impressive/funny/cool discoveries.

My latest dig (read random find) was the fact that the freakiest bags are becoming must-have items. People revel in tackiness, adorableness and smartness, and it seems everyone wants to get a piece of the freaky. Owls are taking over!

A scary little owl dude, for $78 at

$32 for a Hello Kitty-shaped purse at (personally, ICK.)


The most expensive paper in the world for $125 at


The Lulu Guinness bags have been famous a long time now.

Bodhibags are a festival of must-have tackiness.


And the winner for the cutest little freaky bag is…

…this fox-face-shaped cutie pie from modcloth for $115

What’s your take on freaky bags? Do you get tempted by the irresistible tackiness?

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One Response to Freaky bags

  1. Rossella says:

    wow i love these pictures

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    My Couture Diaries
    My Couture Diaries
    My Couture Diaries

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