Rachel Zoe

Obviously the picture from the last post was a look from Rachel Zoe’s Fall-Winter 2011-2012 collection.

I normally have a lot of reserves when it comes to celebrities dabbling into fashion, but this is a different situation because a) Rachel Zoe is a stylist, not a singer/actress and b) it’s not bad at all.

While the line has a trendy, extremely sell-able look, with unfailing staples such as military inspiration, menswear, tweed, wide-legged pants and large tote bags, I have to admit I was taken in by the general air of it. It’s fashiony and streetystylish without punching you over the head, and while we won’t be recognising her pieces in streetstyle shots, we’ll be admiring them for sure(perhaps naively so, haha, wondering who designed that and guessing totally wrong).

I suppose it’s a risk for a stylist turned designer, having your clothes resemble garments that made history under the scissors of another designer, but we’re all somewhat unoriginal nowadays, aren’t we? 

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