We’re all off-duty at some point.

Don’t you love pictures of models off-duty?

I know I do!

And I’m not really talking about street-style type shots of them dressed up or anything – I die for candids, for honest moments captured when they’re goofing around or tired or sans fards. I suppose it humanizes them, which is comforting for the average person. Or perhaps it gives one a glimpse into what they are like as people, not brands.

I like to think I get girl crushes on various models (hello Vlada, Freja, Lara, Iris, Frida, Lily, Eniko, omg I’m crazy) because their personality shines through the styling and the hair&make-up, you know? Not just because they’re pretty or well made-up.

And what better to reflect that than off-duty photos?

Also, model bonding, like we see Abbey and Karmen doing here (holler! love them too!) is nice to see as well.

Tight friends Vlada Roslyakova and Sasha Pivovarova

Imogen Morris Clarke and Frida Gustavsson

Oldschool Freja Beha and Lily Donaldson

click photo for source

Model couples are also nice (Sara Blomqvist and Jeremy Young)

click photo for source

IT-couple and recently engaged Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic


In the end it’s nice to know they’re human too. Pretty, rich, successful humans, but humans altogether, hehe.

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One Response to We’re all off-duty at some point.

  1. Kim says:

    Indeed, models are humans too so it’s nice to see them in a more natural setting 🙂

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