Beddings, because they’re fun.

Why so serious? people have asked.

No reason, sometimes my head goes serious, sometimes it goes quirky.

Like now.

I was browsing tumblr (again, I know!) and discovered something that made me literally laugh out loud:

Hipster-y, yeah, but how hilarious is it? And how much a little thing like this makes life better? A ton! WANT!

Penny for your thoughts, purple for your sleeps. You know. It works!

A girl called Ashley made this herself. MADE this! Made this!!!


tzlskxncwoa the bedspread of my girlie dreams!!!


What about you? What are your preferences in terms of bedding and bedspreads? I’m a surprisingly girlie-floral-soft white preferrer. I think it’s my mom’s fault, she did this to me!


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2 Responses to Beddings, because they’re fun.

  1. I love the zebra print bed spread and the pillow with the kiss on it, it’s so trashy but still really cool ha ha.

  2. Ioana says:

    exactly my thought!
    when I first saw the picture I thought it was too too much but then I realized it’s tacky in a good way? I can’t express it really.
    thanks for the comment/visit!

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