Elie Saab Couture Spring 2011

Before I jump into the review, just let me say this: the infinite vortex that is the fashion world since it’s all Internet-ty, being a senior in highschool and the sleep-inducing freezing temperatures outside make for a very lazy and behind blogger. I’m struggling with posting daily, and Iri is even taking a little hiatus.

Anyways, the couture season is here and that is happy news. Very happy, in fact. Haute Couture is where fashion leans more towards art rather than industry and that, I love.

First up, Elie Saab, because our prom is coming up (May is nearer than you think!).

The first section was peachy-nudey. Feminine, check. Petal-like formations on dresses, check. Sequins, check. Knotting, check. Draping, check. Quite predictable of the Elie Saab we know, but in this situation it’s not a bad thing.

Then, we moved into this delightfully colored part of the show. What is that? Violet? Indigo? Mauve? It doesn’t really matter, it’s beautiful. The point however, is made by the elements that make this collection so true to its designer’s aesthetic: sheer, draping, femininity. Add the twist of the lace lingerie detail.

elie saab, couture

In come the flowers. Pale pink dresses with vague flower bouquets, dancing around models’ bodies. A bit much, yet who can argue?

Redness. A very attractive hue, in extremely attractive pieces. We see a stray from the long gown, and some good ole’ Elie Saab.

Move into gold and silver, beautiful but still uneventful.

A black and white section, with some novelty reflected in tailleurs, shrugs and pencil skirts.

Conclusion. Elie Saab designs beautifully. No, majestically. His designs take one’s breath away, they make people sigh in desire, they are grace itself in dresses. This is who he is, as an artist. Yet knowing all this, there’s a little voice inside my head saying that there’s more to explore, that he should go further.


perfect dress, elie saab, haute couture

Just perfect.

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4 Responses to Elie Saab Couture Spring 2011

  1. Ralu says:

    C’est maqnifique!!!! :X

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