New girls on the block.

So I’ve decided to make a weekly thing out of posting about models that aren’t so well known but have caught my attention. Therefore, there will be no Freja, Vlada, Lara or Adriana, it will be more like full, difficult-to-pronounce names. Tehe.

Oh and it’s totally subjective so don’t event think to argue with me. If the girl’s new to me she’s new on the block. ‘Cause EM is our block and what we say goes, okay? Okay.


Arizona Muse (funny, unreal name, non?) is an American model. She only caught my eye a couple of weeks ago, but her star has been rising, I think, since October, which is, as we all know, the last fashion month. And her star has been rising fast. Apparently, Anna Wintour has deemed her companion to Karlie Kloss and Lindsey Wixson in “ushering in the new age of the American supermodel”. Quite a heavy load to carry but it looks as though Arizona’s up to it.

arizona museVogue US February 2011


arizona muse


arizona muse, ysl, yves saint laurent

Yes, she nabbed YSL.


Oh and apparently the boy in the first picture is hers. Little tyke’s name’s Nikko. How adorable!

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