Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011

It still takes adjusting to thinking of the Alexander McQueen-less Alexander McQueen. Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I think Sarah Burton isn’t doing a good job. She is. But as we draw nearer to the 1 year mark from his death, it makes me feel… emm… nostalgic? I guess that’s the word.

So, off to business we go!

alexander mcqueen, pre-fall 2011

The collection involves a plethora of military-inspired elements. The usage of red and navy  fabrics and gold buttons provide a strong marine-y feel.

alexander mcqueen, pre-fall 2011

The overall sensation is one of beautiful empowerment. While clicking through the first pictures of the collection, I meant to say that it doesn’t present the same amount of fascination, that the old no-restraints, completely free fantasy, that Alexander McQueen used to mean, but I had to eat up my words in the end.

alexander mcqueenThis dress. Oh boy. This is what made me reconsider. After all, this is sort of a mini-collection, and not as much of an art installation as regular fashion season shows are. And still, pure beauty in a dress.

alexander mcqueen

alexander mcqueen, pre-fall 2011
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