Must have?

It’s pretty ironic how often objects become ‘must-haves’ in the world of fashion and style, when we’re all so crazy about uniqueness and all that.

But then we have to admit some things are so good that everyone wants them for a reason. Quality is a huge factor in this concept, not to mention what owning that particular item means. Specifically, a must-have is more often than not a luxury item, therefore it is not available to all – making the owner that much more special.



Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium suede satchel


alexander mcqueenAlexander McQueen Byzantine box clutch,



birkin bagThe world-renowned Birkin Bag, prices up to $10,000.

the kelly, hermesThe famous Kelly, sold for up to $24,000


Slightly crazy, eh? The way people will fight to spend small fortunes on just bags, extremely well made and beautiful though they may be.

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One Response to Must have?

  1. All of it is gorgeous! I’m in love with that Porenza Schouler satchel, though!

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