Fashion thinks too.

I have always felt a bit guilty about giving fashion such free reign of my life. After all, everyone knows the urban legends of stick-thin models and outrageously immoral photographers and tales of backstabbing and dog-eat-dogg-ery.

But it’s art!

Fashion is art, but fashion is also very much an industry, and strongly related to show business at that. So the misogyny and blatant diminishing of women’s worth and ability should never be excused.

Feminist author Jean Killbourne made this speech some 11 years ago, but it’s hair-standing to realize how true her words are to this day. In fact, it’s scary to think that they may be more applicable today than they were then.

Indeed, I think what made me frown more was to realize that after the roaring 90’s of feminism, is that it seems we have returned to our starting point of being told what to do and what we should be like, what is and isn’t normal, and in the passivity of this day and age, there is nothing worse.

Enjoy, but more importantly, listen.

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