Freja Smile Could Conquer the World

Can you see that as a headline?

I could.

I always liked Freja Beha, but there’s this thing she does ever so rarely, smiling, that is so strikingly illuminating and extraterrestrial that it stops people in their tracks. Sure, about as ‘stopped in your tracks’ as you get on the Internet, but the effect is undeniable and surely it must be a feast to watch in real life.

And just to add that grain of salt… I think we’d all be smiling if we’d nabbed as many high-profile campaigns as she has : Louis Vuitton, Valentino (smiling), Chanel (smiling in this one as well), Harry Winston (smiling), Georg Hansen (you guessed it, smiling) and I’m not even going to say anything about the plethora of Vogue editorials.

Gooooo Freja!




Georg Jensen ad shot by Sebastian Faena, Harry Winston ads shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Chanel ads shot by Karl Lagerfeld.


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