To heel or not to heel

heels, killer heels,

Heels are great. They are amazing. They look extremely pretty, make you seem taller and slimmer and even gift you with the psychological advantage of being above others. Once reserved for formal events we have come to wear heels on a daily basis like it’s nothing.

But is it?

Apart from the obvious negative side effects, like being slowed down (don’t tell me that’s not an impediment when you’re rushing to school/work/whatever) and having difficulty maintaining your balance on uneven surfaces like cobbled streets and the likes, it’s been said for years that heels can actually have a bad influence on our health.

heels, leopard print

It turns out that wearing high heels (also known as killer heels, tehe) for many hours or being very active in heels for several hours is harmful to our bodies, starting from our feet and getting to our spines.

lace, heels

The point?

Don’t overdo it guys, though I know… they’re amazing.

boots, suede, heels, ankle booties

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