Fendi needs two posts.

First I saw a grainy video of Fendi Spring Summer 2011. Then I clicked through the generic runway photos. Then I looked at the details.

In all three of these steps there were two things that were obvious: 1. The collection is AMAZING and 2. It needs two posts, one for the clothes and one for the bags, shoes and accessories.

First, the shoes. Oh god, the SHOES. Just the right combination of color, walkability, ‘revolutionary-ness’ and the perfect dose of quirky you just don’t expect from mr. Lagerfeld.

The crazy brought on by two clasps and a second, (hah) sort of ingrown heel, plus the added bonus of these looking like sane people shoes.

An amazing sample of GOOD color, not just excentricity thrown out there for the sake of it.

And the kind of platform that no matter how big, dangerous or heavy, one just HAS TO HAVE.

Then, the accessories. A plethora of well-designed, well thought-out bracelets and and belts. Most bracelets were styled into the outfits as several-per-wrist, including watches. Quirky right? But coming from Fendi, also stylish, business-y, luxurious and of high quality.

And, finally, what got me started on this Fendiphilia (look mommy, I made a word!) . The bags. Of all shapes, sizes and styles, these wonders had one thing in common: color, and the contrasting of it. Finally someone understands the difference between contrast and clash!

I frankly can’t believe I’m being so crazy about a collection from the Kaiser, but good lord!

It was simply an euphoria of bags, all of them sure to become and remain must-haves for years. Honestly, if I could, I would buy one (or 20) just for the sheer satisfaction of owning it 20 years from now and being able to say I was there, seeing it (even on the Internet) when this happened, and to be that cool person that had it when it was first cool to have it.

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