Matthew Williamson? Not really.

Senior year of highschool makes one grow impatient. Therefore I decided to go mostly for the big names in the list of shows (god I’m behind!) and ended up on Matthew Williamson.

I was never Williamson’s biggest fan (my aesthetic’s more of the Kenzo/Demeulemeester/Lanvin kind) but, like usual, I clicked on with no prejudice in mind. I was familiar with the house’s style and knew of the amazingly desirable pieces it could produce, and went in head-on expecting to find these.

The collection was a green, blue, beige, netural-based array of ruffles, Matthew Williamson-like prints, gold, tie-dye, bondage influence and digital-ness sprinkled in. There were notably good parts, such as the corset-tops and flapper-inspired dresses, not to mention the noticeably muter color palette and the maxi dresses.

Overall, the collection sends off a ‘please buy me!’ vibe, which is inarguably excusable during these tough times, but is sure to fail in the final exam of the shop racks.

But what do I know? I can’t afford a hemline, so. So.

The harness is a growing trend/must-have and I am proud to say I fore-saw it on my old blog!!! Check it out click – it was back in March and starting to show up in some shows and now it’s huge!

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