Ruffian. Also, this is a moment for the history.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about this label prior to this fashion week. But it’s still baffling that a fashion house with a name like ‘Ruffian’ has this kind of aesthetic. Feminine, but womanly strong. Clean lines, but ruffles. Military influence, but satin and ikat print.

This collection, among the first ones shown and the first ones I saw has a pretty clear inspiration, to me at least. Obviously there’s the military, even in the white dress with ruffle-accentuated shoulders Siri Tollerod is wearing (photo no. 2) which to me looks like it was inspired by a war-time nurse from the olden days, but then there’s the defiance to grey. When I say grey, I mean recession, budgeting, cutting down. The luxurious blue and golden, the dancing-like shoes.

Of course there was some trend-following. Much like in many other shows, white and the 90s were a thing. Don’t tell me those long-straps-short-length tops are not 90s (though they work so well here).

Overall, 2011 is going to be a white summer. In New York at least.

P.S. Obviously we’ve been sitting back, New York come and gone, but we’ve been seeing the collections and manymanymany reviews are in the works.

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