Baby Steps

This Sunday Irina&I went to the medieval fest in Sibiu with a bunch of friends and took our first steps in the world of street style photos. It was sort of awkward walking up to people and asking them if we could take a picture but they were nice and said yes.

This girl struck us from afar with her cool air and floral pants, so the second time we saw her, we couldn’t let her go. We even waited for her to finish shopping for earrings, as we feel earring shopping is an activity that should NEVER be interrupted. The hot sunglasses, cool denim/floral print/black purse combination won us over and -GASP!- we found the UGGs cool. Can you believe it? They were sort of special though, and totally working.

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3 Responses to Baby Steps


    Very kool…but y is she holding spoons, in her hand???

    • Ioana says:

      hehe yes, she was holding wooden spoons. there were all kinds of people selling handmade things, including wood stuff and she had purchased those. funny thing is she actually said ‘But I’m holding the spoons, isn’t that weird?’ and I responded ‘No, it’s great.’ I found it spontaneous and it looks funny/interesting.

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