In other fashion news, Stam’s designing.

According to Marie Claire, Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam is making her debut in fashion design. Can I hear a big ‘hell yeah?’. After being the inspiration for loads of design, the blue-eyed beauty started dabbling into design in 2008, when she partnered up with Repetto shoes, the result being a signature flat, AAAAND, something that I had no idea about, she consulted Rag&Bone’s Spring 2010 collection (which was fabulous!).

But now, now she’s actually getting her name on the label. Jessica Stam for RACHEL Rachel Roy (RACHEL being a more affordable line from Rachel Roy) is a collection of ‘bare necessities’ (well, not really) including a chain-strap bucket bag, belts, sweaters and skinny jeans, all modeled by -who else- the Stam. The words “nautical meets military” were thrown out there by the supermodel/designer herself, and it sure sounds exciting.

The prices range from 49$ a belt to 199$ for the baggie. The jeans will be 89$, while a sweater’s worth is deemed to be 99$. How do you find that? While it’s true that the prices are lower than a regular designer object, they are still out of reach for the frugalistas we have all involuntarily become. Still, pretty nice, eh?

Source: Marie Claire website

Photo Credit: David Roemer

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