Do you know what’s best for YOUR face?

In the beauty ‘industry’ people go on and on about how one needs to find their right match. Color, texture, shine, it all matters, but what is really most important?

And, on a more pressing note, because I am (we are, actually, both Irina and I) in high school, with a high school student budget, teamed up with a recession, what is the most financially effective and good for you make-up&beauty solution?

Well, it’s not universal, it’s not Earth-shattering, but I DO have an answer. Minerals, our friends.

I did a bit of research and found out that there are quite a few producers out there that have embraced the positive effect minerals have on our skin. I noticed it a while back at Avon, whose low-priced mineral foundation is one of my best friends, but with the occasion of this post, I learned that major companies such as Lancome and Estee Lauder have got into it, as well as crowd favorite L’Oreal, the products of which my sister has praised in the past.

I also discovered a lovely company named Sappho Cosmetics, that ‘is all about making up fearlessly’, a phrase that just caught me UP. Their colors are vibrant, the products excitingly varied, and their policies reasonable. Recommended if your budget isn’t as unresourceful as mine.

These companies all provide great solutions and varieties, but my insides were screaming ‘You simply, physically can’t spend 20 $ on a lip gloss.’ I wish I could, but I can’t.

So I dug deeper, and wound up on Etsy. Ah, Etsy, the Mecca of all things nice, cheap and organic. If you can have something free of nasty stuff like parabens, un-tested on animals, hand-made and all kinds of lovely, it’s there. What I found:

A lovely store by the name of orglamix enchanted me, and I’m seriously considering a sizeable purchase.

Click on the pictures to see the product page. I’m a fan of blush and of gold-ish eyeshadow, so these were WOW.

Another lovely store I found is FrenchGirlOrganics, whose lip tints are SO tempting.

What about you? What are your make-up musts and tricks? Do you like mineral make-up?

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